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One Two Smile

One Two Smile, the invisible alternative to braces, moves your teeth through a series of aligners. Each aligner moves your teeth slightly and is engineered to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time. Every two weeks, you will move onto the next stage of aligners so your teeth will gradually move into the desired position that was mapped by our certified smile designers and certified orthodontist.

100% as effective, for 70% less

One Two Smile aligners are clinically proven to be as effective as braces without the hassle, wiring, or pain. We work with state certified orthodontists in your city to diagnose your case and create a personalized treatment plan. By sending your aligners directly to you we are able to offer our aligners for 70% less than other aligner brands. With an average treatment time of 5 months, One Two Smile is ideal for mild to moderate cases.


How it Works

One Two Smile straightens your teeth through a series of aligners, each worn for 14 days at a time. Each individual aligner moves your teeth gradually until they are completely straight!

Step 1: Record Taking

Book a scan at one of our certified clinics then a certified orthodontist will create your treatment plan.

Step 2: Start Aligning

We will send your invisible aligners directly to you for as low as $217 USD per month or one payment of $1,700 USD.

Step 3: A smile that lasts

Get the smile you have always wanted! It’s easy as One, Two, Three!


One Two Smile is able to treat many issues arising from misaligned teeth including crossbite, crowding, and spacing.





We offer two payment methods:

Single Payment:

$1,700 USD


starting from $217 USD per month