What makes One Two Smile so special?

One Two Smile and Braces?

One Two Smile have one thing in common; they are extremely effective at straightening teeth. The similarities end there however.
Tightening sessions, irritated and bleeding gums are all realities for patients who wear braces. With One Two Smile, you can avoid the physical and lifestyle limitations associated with braces whilst straightening your teeth discretly.

One Two Smile and other aligners?

One Two Smile is just as effective at other aligner manufacturers at treating mild to moderate cases of malocclusion. What sets One Two Smile apart however is that we work directly with patients with certified state doctors supervising the cases remotely. This allows us to reduce our prices by up to 70% compared to other aligner manufacturers and make aligners a viable solution for almost everyone.


One Two Smile Other Aligner
Practically Invisible
Cost Effective
Less dentist visits

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