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I love my smile now! I never used to show my teeth in photos. Now it’s impossible for me not to smile without showing my teeth.

- Jannie Schluz, OneTwoSmile customer.

I was super unconfident for so long and I always wanted to get braces but they were so expensive.

Now that I have completed my course, I smile and laugh with zero insecurities!

I can’t explain how this has changed my life and given me the confidence in my job as well. I always felt nervous in giving presentations and speeches but this has given me that boost not to turn down such opportunities.

- Shaed Khader


We’ve straightened over 10,000 smiles worldwide. Read our customer reviews to learn how their new smiles have changed their lives.
Rana S.

I’m happy with my smile, thank youuuu!

Serena L.

I can’t believe how quickly my teeth shifted. There is a little pain involved, but I was used to it because I used to wear braces. But now I am super confident in my smile.

Ihsan T.
Abu Dhabi

I finally have straight teeth! All of my friends and family have noticed and I have been getting lots of compliments. I recommend using these aligners.